*In LUX-Lung 3 (vs pemetrexed/cisplatin) and LUX-Lung 6 (vs gemcitabine/cisplatin) in subgroup of del19 patients; OS was secondary endpoint, primary endpoint was PFS and was met.


GIOTRIF® (afatinib) is approved in the European Union and other countries for the treatment of patients with distinct types of metastatic NSCLC whose tumors have epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutations.
For more information please see the EU Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC).
See countries where GIOTRIF® is approved.


  1. Yang JC et al. Afatinib versus cisplatin-based chemotherapy for EGFR mutation-positive lung adenocarcinoma (LUX-Lung 3 and LUX-Lung 6): analysis of overall survival data from two randomised, phase 3 trials. Lancet Oncol. 2015;16(2):141-51.

    NSCLC=non-small cell lung cancer.
    OS=overall survival.


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